We wantsatisfied customers

Our objective is a satisfied and returning customer. We will produce luxury custom-made furniture, which we will show you first in our visualizations. All furniture is made of high quality material and proven methods. And that's one of the reasons our furniture can be found throughout Europe

Petr Havlicek
company owner

You can on us rely

Long time tradition
from year 1987

Team of own

Creative approach
in the field of design

Complete solution
complex turnkey solutions

Using profesional

Certificates supported

Using only high quality

across Europe

What do we use for the production of first-class furniture?

The basis for the creation of first-class furniture is above all the highest quality material That can be found on the market. Another condition for high-quality production is Advenced progressive technology, driven by powerful computer software. All this has to Be handletd by skilled, experienced operators who have many years of experience in Both manual and CNC machines. Without thede professionals, the production of  complex and technically demanding interiors can not be done. The icing on the cake of each of our products is a finish that requires the highest quality lacquers and oils and a high professionalism in thier application. An integral part of the production proces is its owv projection and continuous development of new products and progressive processes.

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Petr Havlicek
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